Orphir hills to Scapa flow from Maraquoy

Maraquoy is a quiet location, sitting in 1 acre of ground surrounded by fields, at the top of Cairston Road. It has magnificent and commanding views over the bay of Eyreland, Hoy Sound and the Orphir hills down to Scapa Flow in the south west. To the south east are views over Stenness and Harray Lochs where the prestigious archaeological sites of Brodgar and Stenness and Maes Howe can be seen. Unstan tomb, from which pottery worldwide is named, is only half a mile from Maraquoy and we are only 15 minutes drive away from the Skara Brae world heritage site. The late afternoon and evening sun settles on the three private patio areas and sheltered gardens at the rear of Maraquoy. There is ample car parking at each of the cottages.

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There are good walks down to the beach at the Bu and up the hill at the back of Maraquoy where panoramic views over Scapa Flow and the hills and lochs of the west mainland are ideal for painters and photographers to indulge their skills. The Northern Lights appear here in spectacular array and unpolluted by artificial light in the night sky. Astronomy and sky observation is spectacular from this location. The song of seals from the Bu and peewits and oyster catchers can often be heard. Maraquoy is an ideal base for archaeology, birdwatching, diving, walking and cycling, or if you just want to chill out and get away for a quiet break, or visit one of the many festivals in Orkney, this is an ideal location.

The swimming pool, badminton court, playing fields and fitness suite are within easy walking distance at the bottom of the road and the town centre, ferry terminal, the acclaimed Pier Arts Centre and golf course are only a 3 minute drive away. The town has 3 good hotels,restaurants and caf├ęs.

Orphir hills to Scapa flow from Maraquoy

Orphir hills to Scapa flow from Maraq